Payroll Services

Payroll and accounting services should go hand in hand. After all, payroll is part of your accounting and general fiscal outlook. As your local accountant, we can provide payroll services to save you money AND give you flexibility you cannot achieve with national providers. We can relieve the time and pressure caused when doctors and dentists have to process the payroll at your office each pay period. We can save your valuable time by processing payroll for you. Your time is limited, so let us help you maximize your time and money!

It pays to outsource your payroll with PMHCC. Cost assessments have proven dental and medical practices save money by outsourcing payroll processing, tracking, and filing. There is more involved than writing payroll checks and the distribution of checks to employees on time. Accurate records must be maintained, taxes must be calculated and paid timely, and employers and employees need access to clear, concise records. To help doctors and dentists make profitable use of their time, we offer affordable and comprehensive payroll and payroll tax solutions to our clients.

PMHCC Payroll Services:

  • Save staff time = more productivity
  • Save money = more profit
  • Avoid penalties = peace of mind

Calculating the federal and state employment taxes and filing the related paperwork accurately results in fewer penalties. Our practice management expertise and close tracking of government regulations assists the employer by the preparation of timely reports as required by law.

The process – Quick, Accurate and Easy!

The payroll process is a simple streamlined process. Dental and medical clients send in the data by fax or email. Payroll is entered, employee records revised, and updated at each payroll by a staff accountant. The client in Raleigh, Cary, Durham and Chapel Hill then tells us how many hours or earnings for each employee. We calculate the payroll, including deductions for taxes, 401K, cafeteria, insurance premiums, and garnishments.

Check options:

  • Live checks
  • Direct deposits
  • Direct deposit checks can be inserted in envelopes, sealed for security, and ready for distribution.


  • Risk of stolen or lost checks is reduced
  • Employees spend less time cashing or depositing checks
  • Funds are available on payday

Delivery Options:

  • UPS overnight or two-day delivery
  • US Mail
  • Pick-up at our office


Support is only a phone call away. We provide up-to-date answers to questions dental or medical offices may have. We work with the office manager or owner to insure your questions are answered accurately, timely, and professionally.


  • Professional Management supplies forms needed for payroll
  • New hire
  • Federal W4, I9
  • State withholding forms

General Ledger interface

The payroll processed each pay date is electronically imported into our Creative Solutions general ledger software. Benefits of this practice management interface include:

  • Convenience – no retyping data
  • Safety & Security
  • Improved management reporting
  • Meets tax obligations
  • Flexibility
  • Bonus payroll runs can be scheduled when needed

At year end, and as often as required, bonus checks can be calculated without the hassle of regimented prior scheduling.

Year-Round preparation of federal and state forms for our clients in Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill:

Each payroll

  • Social Security, Medicare, and Federal taxes are computed.
  • State withholding taxes are calculated.


  • Quarterly payroll returns are prepared for federal and state agencies.
  • Quarterly forms are sent to you for signature and mailing.
  • Easy-to-follow instructions save time and headaches.
  • 941 preparation
  • 940 preparation
  • State withholding form
  • State unemployment form

We offer enrollment in Electronic Federal Tax Payments System (EFTPS).

This program allows easy tax payment for federal tax payments and is required by the IRS.

W2 and 1099 Processing:

We calculate and produce the W2s and 1099s necessary at year end.

We prepare the 940 and annual state withholding forms required.